Of scrapbooking and wedding anniversary

Well a few weeks ago my sisters and I were thinking that we should do something special for our parents anniversary, besides a romantic dinner, so one of us suggested that we finish the unfinished scrapbook. A few years ago someone gave us a scrapbook kit, we only filled the first two pages of it, the rest of the pictures that we wanted to fill it with were on the computer. So we made special portrait pictures for the scrapbook. We worked on the scrapbook whenever we could and finished it on their anniversary day. It turned out better than I expected! I snapped a few pictures of it so you can get a glimpse of it. We didn’t quite finish it yet, but planning to do it soon.

The scrapbook 


Do you recognize that picture? 

Now it’s your turn, grab a stack of old pictures and new and fill your notebook or scrapbook with it

Now for a peek from the romantic dinner we prepared for our parents

So how about you, do you enjoy scrapbook? Tell us about it! How many did you complete? BTW our parents really liked the scrapbook and were also surprised to receive it!

One thought on “Of scrapbooking and wedding anniversary

  1. Beautiful scrapbook!!! How long did it take you guys to make it? I haven’t made any yet, but I’m planning on making a big one from our trip this summer with my family. It’s a good thing we took a lot of pictures! (Maybe too many 🙂 Can’t wait 2 see you all soon.

    Love, Kimmy

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