Midweek Music: Two Brothers, One Song

My sister discovered these virtuoso brothers on youtube- and I we’ve been listening to them for weeks on end. Vladimir and Anton come from a musical family of 6 children and obviously everyone in the family plays an instrument. Their mother is Slovakian and their father is Russian. 

The brothers moved to Ireland because of course, it’s the land of fiddlers and violin players! Vladimir found a wife there and has three children. Now the brothers are gaining popularity, and have even played at the BBC Proms concerts. 

Their talent and skill is enviable and they bring out the beauty in each song they play. As you will see, the songs Vladimir and Anton play, prove that there is beautiful and dynamic music out there, and it doesn’t have to be rock or contemporary pop music for it to be dynamic. 

I couldn’t decide which song to add to our Midweek Music, so I decided to let you listen to two of their songs! Let me know which one you like most. 



Midweek Music: Cello Ensemble

Happy December 1st, or to those on the other side of the world, happy December 2nd! Christmas will be here before you know it! 

These talented Asian cellists play a rendition of the hymn “For the Beauty of the Earth”. I have just discovered them on youtube and have enjoyed re-playing the song multiple times throughout the day.

Turn on the music and play it in the background as you do your homework, clean the home, or just do your daily activities (if you’re not at work). 

The lyrics of this hymn are lovely. It is like a Thanksgiving prayer. 

Share with me what you are thankful for today in the comments below!

My Reasons of Gratitude 
As I am writing this post, I am thankful that I received a free copy of the book “Rebel With A Cause” autobiography of Franklin Graham in the mail. Despite the fact that it was published a long time ago (1995), I never read it, can you believe it!?! So now it’s mine to read whenever I want. I also was able to bake some eclaires for my cousin’s birthday today, so it was a wonderful day. 



For the beauty of the earth,
for the glory of the skies,
for the love which from our birth
over and around us lies;
Lord of all, to thee we raise
this our hymn of grateful praise.

2. For the beauty of each hour
of the day and of the night,
hill and vale, and tree and flower,
sun and moon, and stars of light;
Lord of all, to thee we raise
this our hymn of grateful praise.

3. For the joy of ear and eye,
for the heart and mind’s delight,
for the mystic harmony,
linking sense to sound and sight;
Lord of all, to thee we raise
this our hymn of grateful praise.

4. For the joy of human love,
brother, sister, parent, child,
friends on earth and friends above,
for all gentle thoughts and mild;
Lord of all, to thee we raise
this our hymn of grateful praise.

5. For thy church, that evermore
lifteth holy hands above,
offering up on every shore
her pure sacrifice of love;
Lord of all, to thee we raise
this our hymn of grateful praise.

6. For thyself, best Gift Divine,
to the world so freely given,
for that great, great love of thine,
peace on earth, and joy in heaven:
Lord of all, to thee we raise
this our hymn of grateful praise.

20-something Christmas Gift Ideas for Every Budget!

NOTE: The list has been updated (11.29.16) 

I thought it would be neat to share some gift ideas for Christmas because there’s always that difficult person in everyone’s life that you can’t seem to find the perfect gift for! In my family it is usually my mom, and my sister. It’s not that they are picky or anything. I just need that perfect present. 

You will find a gift idea for everyone: husband, wife, mom, dad, aunt, grandma, co-workers, friends- anyone you can imagine. 

I tried to focus on things that can be meaningful or practical- not actual junk that people accumulate at Christmas. I am not associated or affiliated with any of the organizations/companies listed here, and I did not receive anything in return for posting about them, fyi. 


Funny and Sweet Gifts from Miss Pencilette Studio

I had to start with my little shop of course! 🙂 When you shop small you are supporting a dream, like the saying goes.  So I would be honored and thrilled if you decide to include something from my shop in your stocking stuffers or even as an actual gift!

Free Shipping in the United States for all orders of $15 or more, with the Code: FREESHIP15

My shop carries photo frames, mini rolling pins, bamboo spoons, decor signs of different sizes, magnets and more. I can ship directly to the address of your loved one, and I ship internationally too. And my prices fit small budgets!

Click on the photo to go to Miss Pencilette Shop!


Home-made Nutella

You can make nutella from actual hazelnuts at home. This is a super unique gift and very delicious too! I tried it and it was better than the actual nutella. People will love you for this. See the recipe here

Answers in Genesis Magazine Subscription

This is a great investment for people of all ages! They even have a magazine geared toward Kids. Definitely something better than toys! You can subscribe for print or digital versions of the magazine. 


Tickets to the Ark Encounter by Ken Ham!

This is better than Disneyland! And again, you’re not adding junk in their home! You will help them learn more about the Flood and God’s Creation, and build lasting memories! 

ICR books on the Solar System and Human Body

The Institute for Creation Research has awesome resources for the whole family. Books should always be on your gift list- and these are some of the best! Their new releases are about our Solar System and the Human Body! Pssst- they also have a monthly science magazine with a FREE subscription!












Bible Commentary

It’s necessary for all Christians to know their doctrine well. It’s never too early (or too late) to begin. The most well written commentary (which my dad, who is a pastor, church planter and missionary recommends), is The Bible Knowledge Commentary Old & New Testament by Dallas Seminary John F. Walvoord and Roy B. Zuck.  The older 1985-1986 version is better but you can also get the new version on Amazon. They can be a bit pricey- but totally worth the investment for your spiritual life! 

Another valuable and excellent resource is the Nelson’s Compact Bible Handbook. It gives you the theme and purpose, outline of all the books of the Bible.


American Heritage Chocolate

For my friends here in America, do you want something for the history buff? Well, here it is! Chocolate made from a 1750 recipe using only ingredients found in the 18th Century! They have chocolate bars and chocolate drinks. Now that’s a special gift.



Honey is always a good idea! Find a specialty honey like Orange Blossom or Grapefruit Blossom Honey or Avocado or Wild Blossom Honey. I guarantee you they will be impressed! 


Blanket or Quilt 

A blanket or quilt is a very practical gift! To make it even more special (if you have the budget for it), get a sheep wool blanket or alpalca or llama wool blanket. A handmade quilt is also a treasure. And if you want to make it really, really special, consider getting a sheepskin rug. If you live in the United States you’ll find a convenient price at Costco.  


Jar of Bread Mix, or Brownies Mix, or Pancake Mix, or Cocoa Mix, etc! 

We all know the endless ways you can give a jar gift! So if you have a great recipe for bread or brownies, or pancakes or you name it- then you can make it a gift! Prepare all the dry ingredients in a jar as a gift. Then all they have to do is add some egg, milk or water, and they can have a delicious dessert! 


Tool Pouch for Kids and Mom!

I don’t know about you but a tool pouch is a useful thing to have in the home! You never know when you need a measuring tape or some pliers. This is an awesome gift to give to a lady, a mother or even a teenager. 


Roller Blades or Badminton, Tennis, or Adult Scooters 

Help them exercise! Get your family or friends some sports equipment. This gift idea is for a larger budget. A Badminton set is a great idea because it’s easy to learn and lightweight to carry, and inexpensive. Roller blades are great too, but for the more ambitious. They will need to learn to use them. More ideas are adult scooters, kids scooters, a tennis set- you name it.


Awesome Flashlight 

A powerful and bright flashlight is a great idea to use as security. It can be used at home to prevent animals or people from trespassing your property, or if electricity goes out. There are several great flashlights out there. The Olight X7 has 9000 Lumens and illuminates a whole yard. Other ones like the TruNite are similar. 


Souvenir from places you’ve been

Souvenirs are a great idea for Christmas presents, especially if you were able to go overseas. Even something as simple as a magnet, a keychain, a note book, or scarf. Anything that represents the place you visited.


Camera lenses for cell phones 

Camera lenses to add to your cell phone are a great gift idea! Your loved one can take better photos! They look expensive but they are not! They can be $6-$10 on ebay! Plus they do a good job. I know because my sister received some as a gift for her birthday and we tried them out, and they’re awesome. 


Street Sign or Socks

If they are a geek, musician, artist, book lover, or if you know something that represents them, you can find cute “street” signs on Amazon for a really great price. They are plastic, but sturdy and they can be put in an office or bedroom. There are signs like “Physics Place” and “Car Mechanic Ct” and “Book Lover Blvd” and “Musician St”.

Or you can get socks with musical notes on them or calculus. It will keep them more comfy!


Adventures in Odessey CDs

Adventures in Odessey are a wonderful resource for the family. Most people already know about them, but it’s always a good idea to get a new released CD, DVD or audio CD. 



Fashion scarves are a great accessory and can be used for many purposes. They are a great gift for any young lady, woman, mother or lady in your life! I wear them very often at church to add some flair to my outfit. 


Wissmann CD, Colonial Hymns CD 

A good music CD is a fabulous gift that can be enjoyed for years! Some of the ones I really like are the Wissmann Family and the Colonial Hymns CD. 


Postage Stamps 

Anyone would be grateful for a set of postage stamps they can use for bills and other snail mail! At least I know I would! It’s a nice thing for a stocking stuffer! You can get more personalized stamps with personal pictures too! 



We’re always losing pens and markers. If you find a quality set of pens or markers, you can be sure it will be a very practical gift! You can get calligraphy and graphic pens for the artists or calligraphers too! 


Mini finger puppets 

These are great for little kids. I know because I got some for my siblings and they love them and have been playing with them for about 1 year since we got them! You can find them on ebay. 

So what gift ideas do you have? What would you recommend? 

Midweek Music: Willows Waltz

I very much enjoy listening to folksy, Irish-y and fiddle music. Lately I’ve been listening to this song and other Irish-y inspired songs while I am working on homework and it helps soothe my mind, ease stress, and sometimes even work faster.  🙂 

What kind of music do you listen to when you work? 

I like this quote I found on Pinterest one day: 

Art is how we decorate space. Music is how we decorate silence. 

Sweet Giveaway!

There’s a sweet giveaway going on my sister’s blog at www.bittybitebakery.com .

giveaway, woodburning, pyrography, illustrated

I made the things she’s giving away (and I just opened my etsy shop) so I’m just as excited about it! I hope you join in! 


  • There will be two winners!
  • Each winner will receive 2 bamboo spoons and 1 illustrated “Cooking is Love Made Edible” piece (frame not included) 
  • The giveaway will last till next Friday (23rd), and the winners will be announced Saturday!
  • To Enter the giveaway, visit my sister’s Facebook page, and Instagram account!


For all early birds out there, this is also a great time to get Christmas gifts or Thanksgiving decor! Check out my Etsy shop for a variety of cute woodburned home-decor you can get for your friends, family and loved ones! They make for great stocking stuffers, housewarming gifts, or just because gifts. I plan on adding a lot more items on there soon. A little something for everybody! 

Midweek Music XV: A Day Late


I have an exquisite piece of music to share today, though this posting is a day late. I’ve been working more than 12 hours today and though I’m tired…here I am writing this post.

Interestingly enough, I realize most of the orchestra music that I shared here is by Vivaldi! I promise he’s not the only classical composer I like, it just happens that I’ve found a lot of beautiful pieces of his on youtube. After this, I’ll share more worship and other genres I enjoy, to keep things fresh. The thing is, I get excited about a new video I find and can’t wait to share it with you, so then I put the rest of the songs on the backburner.

Speaking of music, I have to start burning some songs on CD’s to take on an upcoming roadtrip! Yikes, I know I’ll end up with a little stack of CD’s to carry around.

This Vivaldi piece is a Mandolin Concerto. The players are so passionate, so skilled, they live the music! It’s a beauty to watch, and nearly makes you want to be among them playing along. It’s also a perfect example of God’s workmanship, how He endowed man with the ability and talent to compose such complex music, and use hands, fingers, mouth, mind, everything, moving in perfect coordination to make melody that feeds the soul and praises God!

I do hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Do you enjoy classical music? 

If so, who is your favorite composer?

If not, why not? 

A Collection of Horse Sketches

Like I mentioned here, I love drawing horses. When I was young, I was that type of little girl who if you would asked what her favorite animal is, she would promptly reply “a horse!”, and would dream of owning a horse, and riding a horse across rolling hills into the sunset, and whatever scrap of paper was on hand, the first thing you would find her doodle would be a horse.

Curiously enough, I hardly owned any accessories, clothes, or toys with horse prints, my bedroom was not decorated with horses, and I think I only ever rode a pony once when I was young.

But I still do enjoy drawing horses and I strive to get better at it. This is a collection of a few of my horse sketches throughout the years. Some of the drawings are from five years ago, others are more recent, while some are drawings from my preteen-ish years. But now that I stop to think of it, I realize none are from the last 3 years! Wow, I haven’t been drawing horses in awhile!

You may recognize some horses from cartoons. The movie “Spirit Stallion of the Cimmaron” was a little addictive for me when it came out (though I wouldn’t endorse it now because of the New Age-y and anti-white/western expansion messages it has). I loved the way the horses were illustrated in the movie.

There are a few unfinished sketches sprinkled among the rest. I thought I would share them anyway because they have their own charm. Cowgirls and cowboys are naturally characters present in my horse drawings, yes, Toy Story too! I also have a sketch of a little donkey with a cart that I copied from a historical book.

I hope you enjoy scrolling through my sketches. Let me know which one was your favorite!

Would you like to see more posts with my sketches on the blog? Let me know in the comments below!

horse sketch{Horse sketch prototype}



pony sketch{Mongolian Pony}

irish horse sketch{An Irish damsel and her stallion}

horse sketch{A girl and her horse – unfinished}

horse cartoon sketch{Altivo}

horseman sketch{A soldier from antiquity, A.D. times}

war horse sketch{A war horse jumping a hurdle}

Spirit Stallion sketch{Rain, from Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron} 

donkey cart sketch{A donkey with merchandise}

Spirit Stallion sketch{Spirit and Rain}

cowgirl horse barrel racing sketch{Cowgirl barrel racing}

horse drawing sketch{Equesterian I}

horse drawing sketch{Equesterian II}

cowboy horse drawing{Cowboy feeding his horse}

Jesse Toy Story drawing{Jessie and Bullseye from Toy Story}

horse stable drawing{In the stables}

horse bust drawing{A Morgan}