The making of a work of art

When you have a creative mother, you get to see the making of a work of art.

You know how young girls dream of having pretty dresses and pretty dolls, and all matching outfits? And to add to the whole situation, catalogs like the American Girls Collection filled with pictures of snobby dolls and spoiled picture-perfect girls just make the desire intensify.

(Don’t worry, I got over American Girl Dolls several “decades” ago.  Not that I even owned one, I just read the books, and gaped at the catalog imagining how it would be to replace that smiling girl in the picture holding the doll. Lol!) So it is not myself I’m talking about right now, it’s the young ones you will see below.

The “oatmeal team” as we call  them, since they love eating oatmeal in the morning, were excited to live the dream of being like the “American Girls” they see in the catalogs. They have some dolls which resemble those in the catalogs. So mother made the oatmeal team some dresses. And then she had enough material to make matching dresses for the dolls too, much to their delight!

Here’s a glimpse of the process:

Get an old t-shirt, and buy some matching material.

Cut it up and do all the sewing…

Add the details….

And multiply that by 3!
You will get a happy bunch of little girls with matching doll dresses too!

Proudly showing off their new outfits 

Doesn’t that look just like an American Girl pose? 

What can I say, the happiness on their faces
was worth all the tedious work of sewing!
Thank you mother!

Hmm, I’m feeling quite smug, cause I know I’m cute. 

 One last picture of the happy Oatmeal Team!
Look at the youngest Oatmeal Team member, she seems to be saying:
*Oh, don’t look dear dolly, all those flashes will ruin your eyes!*


For the love of spring…

For behold, the winter is past,
The rain is over and gone.
‘The flowers have already appeared in the land;
The time has arrived for pruning the vines,
And the voice of the turtledove has been heard in our land.
‘The fig tree has ripened its figs,
And the vines in blossom have given forth their fragrance.
(Songs 2:11-13) 

Spring is one of my favorite seasons of the year, with summer on equal standing.
But I love the blooming of spring and the anticipation of warm summery days.

My freesia flowers bloomed, bringing delight to my heart.

And together with springy cotton material recently acquired and waiting to be sewn into skirts…makes my soul well up with thankfulness.

Giveaway winner and… why you see those ads

This will be a rather different post than I usually do. I will be addressing two things which are entirely unrelated to each other but for the reason that both are due for discussion, I’ll glue it together in one post.

{1st Topic}

The happy giveaway winner for the set of of  one lotion and two sprays is:

Amy from “Let my Life be a Light” !

Congratulations Amy and thanks for participating!
The giveaway which was announced in January, ended today Feb.  5th 2012


{2nd Topic} 

It was brought to my attention that there are some terrible video ads at the bottom of each of my posts. WordPress puts up these ads on blogs which are provided for free (such as mine) and I have no control over the content. I was shown a recent ad which totally shocked me and I could only imagine what other ads there have been. I knew that ads were put at the bottom, but I don’t see them when I post. So I apologize for the inconvenience and I will have to make a decision on what to do- whether pay a fee sometime in the future which takes off the ads, or choose to make my own website/domain. Until then, I felt compelled to  let you all know.

Hymn books made new

Treasured songs, passed down through the ages. Covers worn and tattered from much use, passed through many hands, imprinted title slowly fading off the cover,  pages old and worn, yet full of vibrant and precious words, lovely melodies that lift up the heart and encourage the soul.  Great Hymns of the Faith.

This is how our hymn books have looked like for a long time. We got them in a pretty used condition from acquaintances, and they went through more use by our family…

Then, the time had come to refresh these important books, to bring back the dignity and beauty they deserve to have. So that was accomplished by a determined stop to Michaels, buying lovely craft paper, mod podge, and putting it all together to give the hymnals a new face, new covers.

I am so pleased with how they turned out! I felt the Lord guided me through it all, to make everything work perfectly together and make our beloved hymn books look just as beautiful as they songs they contain!

Hopefully now that they are like new, we will be able to share and enjoy them as we sing together with other brothers and sisters in Christ. And, now that I’ve got the hang of how to make book covers, I feel like doing it for almost any book or journal I have around. 🙂
Mod Podge really helps too! Now all I have to do is add some labels with titles to them.

Which is your favorite cover?

Rain…or Fog

You know how that saying goes…”rain or shine”?

Well in our case, one day, it was rain… or fog.

My family and I went running together recently, at our favorite running place. It was a chilly but fairly sunny day. But when we arrived, it suddenly started getting foggy, and in a matter of minutes we were engulfed in a cloud.

Like this:

No matter, we still went running. Rain…or fog. Right? Brrr!

Have you ever been running in a fog? I can tell you, it can be quite an experience!  We’ve been running in fog before, but this one was so dense, you could only see about two or three feet in front of you. The rest was a sea of grayish-white.

Or a wall of grayness.

If you stopped and thought about it, you almost felt like you were underwater.

Once in awhile you would start seeing a darker shadow or two in the distance, and as you kept running, the shadow became silhouettes and then you passed by a person or two who were walking by.

This is us in the fog:

Yeah, those barely visible heads in the darkness is us. And it was cold!

I don’t have a fancy thingamabob of a phone…and this is all it could get. Yes, it was that foggy, and so little light that the camera made it slightly darker than it was.

Can you see us smiling? 😉

Despite the fog, we completed our run, thankfully without tripping and falling over :).  And it felt good and invigorating in the end.  Praise the Lord!

And as I thought about this blog post…and about the fog…and running, I realized it can be compared to our spiritual walk. Paul the apostle compares our Christian life with that of an athlete, or a soldier. The life of a Christian is a constant battle, a training, we are always on the move.  And we have to continue running (so to speak) with the Lord as our leader, in our pursuit of His Word, and godliness in any season; whether we are going through a nice and sunny season, a dark and rainy season, or even a foggy or confusing season. Even when we seem to be engulfed in a sea of gray fog, God is still there with us- with you. And in the end, if we continue to ask Him for strength, and let Him lead the way, the fog will fade away and the sun will shine through.

We just have to keep running.

 I press on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenwards in Christ Jesus.
(Philippians 3:14)