The Fun part of History- Learning about Patriotism from Children’s Books!

“It doesn’t take a giant to defeat one…” 

It’s hard to find wholesome and quality picture books for children on the market. There are monster books, silly books, abstract & ugly books, and a lot of in-between books. That’s why when I find a good book I get really excited! The Town that Fooled the British by Lisa Papp is one really neat book I want to share with you.

The book starts right into the action, so little children will not get bored with a long-winded introduction before the action starts. This is especially useful if you’re reading to impatient little boys (or tomboy girls). The tale is actually based on a true event in American history that not very many people know about. In fact, I doubt this event is even recorded in most history textbooks. I love coming across seemingly minor historical events, but which can be so interesting! They make for great books! So now if you get this book, both you and the young ones you read it to will learn something new! I guarantee adults will enjoy it just as much as young children (take my word for it 🙂 ).

One thing I really love about this book are the illustrations. They are so expressive, professional and detailed! It adds a dimension of high quality to this story- an aspect that’s very important to me when I look for children’s books. Now that you heard how neat this book is, I hope you’ll go out & check it out!

“We’ll not fail, Miss…I promise you that.” 

This is such a beautiful story. I love it, and I could probably say it’s one of my favorite children’s picture books. Another inspiring tale of the sacrifices many Americans have made in the hard times of the Revolutionary War. The characters seem so real, you can connect with them, their determination, fears and real life situations. The illustrations, done by the same artist who did The Town that Fooled the British, are just as beautiful as in the aforementioned book, if not more so!

This is a fictional story, but as you read it, you will discover it goes along the lines of other true stories you heard about in relation to the Revolutionary war. As you can see, both these books go so well together, complementing each other with two different characters- a boy and a girl, both of whom do something patriotic and brave in behalf of their country. One part of the tale Scarlet Stockings Spy nearly brought tears to my eyes, and I would sit and just absorb the detail of the beautiful pictures. I feel that this story also draws parallels to the circumstances that our modern-day military families face.

Both of these books are in a series of picture books called Tales of Young Americans. There’s a little kid in all of us that enjoys a good story with good pictures no matter how old we are. Wouldn’t you agree?

Do you have any favorite picture books either from your childhood or ones you recently discovered?




NOTE: Sleeping Bear Press sent me complimentary review copies of these books in exchange for my honest opinion.