Did You Know: The lung flute & Ivy leaves

What with the cold weather, and the flu season, most of us are reaching for cough & throat candies, tylenol, warm tea, and blankets.

Just before Christmas, my family and I suffered from some horribly ugly viruses. One of my sisters had a fever, and our baby sister had a terrible cough. I am grateful to the Lord for the way He brought healing in our house through our prayers and the prayers of many other brothers and sisters. Nothing would have worked without God’s healing touch.

But through all this, we also learned some interesting things!

Have you ever heard about the lung flute? Me neither. But when our baby sister was sick with a cough and struggled with phlegm, our uncle gave us an article about the man below (of course he didn’t imply the baby could use such a thing! But it was for future reference) :

Sandy Hawkins.

He’s an acoustics engineer. And he invented the lung flute.

The lung flute is a wonderful contraption that you simply blow into. When you do that, all the mucus/phlegm that gathers in your lungsĀ gets carried up so you can spit it out. The cilia in the lungs vibrate and so the phlegm dislodges.

This brilliant invention not only helps for the regular flu/cold, but it also helps people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Complicated terminology, I know. Basically, those with chronic lung problems.

Watch how it’s used (sounds like a rattlesnake):

Unfortunately Europe and Japan put this invention in use faster than the U.S. did- even though it was invented by an American!
I bet you didn’t see the lung flute in your doctor’s office. Too bad.

Now for the Ivy leaves. I’m contemplating on starting a nutrition/natural remedies e-magazine! I seriously did- but then reconsidered and put it on the back-burner….tottering between the trash bin and “future projects” drawer šŸ™‚

Ivy Leaf: Main Image

Some good friends told us about ivy extract when they heard our little sister was suffering with a cough.

Ivy extract is used in Europe to treat asthma, coughs and bronchitis.

Who knew?!? I’ve always liked the ivy plant, but never stopped to think if it would be medically useful. I love learning about new plants that can be used to treat stuff.

God not only creates plants that are beautiful and decorative, but they’re also useful!

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