How to make Oatmeal Porridge taste better!

Oatmeal for breakfast. I can hear the groans. I’m not picky with food. And I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for the blessings of getting to choose what to eat when so many others have very little on their table, but I’m just not a fan of oatmeal porridge. I usually choose anything else over oatmeal for breakfast- anything but oatmeal. It’s just too bland for my taste buds, and I think I’m not alone in this opinion, right? Tell me you agree? Sure I can spice up my oatmeal by adding stuff in it, but in general I would rather eat something else than bother with that. That doesn’t mean I never touch oatmeal. In fact for awhile it was a staple breakfast in our house! Are you surprised?

So what am I getting at? Well, I finally learned to love oatmeal! I combined some ingredients which made it taste A LOT better. Some of these I used to already include in my porridge, but some are new.

Steps to a Better Tasting Bowl of Oatmeal!

-boil the oats in milk vs. water (or reheat them in milk if you have some left over). 
This is the most important ingredient! Milk will transform your oatmeal from blah to wow! It makes it taste like rice pudding: richer, creamier, smoother. The typical water-y oatmeal taste disappears. If you already do this, then your oatmeal tasted better than mine used to. 

– add Vanilla extract
Oooh, so, so delicious! Add as much vanilla as you like. This is the second essential ingredient. I don’t think I’ll ever eat my oatmeal without vanilla again- unless I don’t have any on hand. 

– a pinch or two of  brown sugar
Yes, it has to be sweet. Sugar makes everything taste better. Everyone in agreement say aye! 🙂 

-ground walnuts
We like grinding our walnuts very finely and sprinkling it over the oatmeal. It adds the extra crunch, protein, and omega 3 to your breakfast plate! 

– generous sprinkling of cinnamon
The only way to eat oatmeal! It’s a necessary spice for my porridge. Yum! 


If you’re focused on eating a lower calorie oatmeal, you can just add the ingredients above and your oatmeal will still taste great! But for extra special days, you can add these ingredients to bring your oatmeal porridge to a royal status! 

A dollop of butter
You deserve to indulge every now and then, and breakfast is the perfect time to do it! Butter adds a silky, amazing taste to your oatmeal. Any extra calories will burn off by evening, I promise! 😉 

chopped strawberries
blueberries, raspberries
caramelized pears

-caramel drizzle

-apricot jam

-brûléed top like the picture below

Now that looks much better, doesn’t it? 

How do you eat your oatmeal? What are your special ingredients? 

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